Counselling & Mentoring

We offer confidential consultation, mentoring and short/long-term counselling services. Many students face developmental challenges such as homesickness or coping with a painful relationship break-up. Others experience intense worry or depression or exam pressure. And some continue to struggle with mental health issues from school. Our Counselling & Mentoring Service compassionately provides assistance to students and those who care about them.

School or college experience can be challenging to students—and to families. We focus on singular purpose to assist every individual, every day, everywhere and every time.

Team of highly experienced counsellors, psychologists and mentors are available for assistance.

Our mission and top priority is to help students navigate the challenges that accompany young adulthood and school/college life. We are committed to provide accessible, high-quality, culturally sensitive services.

We also offer consultation for Concerned Parents and Others. We approach parents to help their child in there development process with their warmth support.

We help students in working on time management and setting of shot & long term goals. We help to reduce stress and ensure fun filled learning.

Soon we will have some psychologists as the on-call counsellor and will be available to assist students in crisis.

To avail our Counselling & Mentoring service a registration is required; afterwards our team will analyse you to learn about you – your goals – learning style – hobbies and personality. Our team will use that information to match with the best counsellor/mentor and create your counselling profile; during counselling/mentoring program our team will monitor students. If you have any question or doubt our counsellor will be just phone call away.

To register call +91-988-989-1238 or e-mail at [email protected]