About Us

Mentoro (a brand of Mentoro Consultancy Services), is an innovation-driven educational solution start-up founded by budding entrepreneurs, passionate to improve education and learning.

We want to cultivate a genuine passion for education by using creative, multi-sensory, hands-on education strategies. We offer extensive educational services like Consulting, Management, Training & Skill Development, Events and Marketing/Distribution of Educational Products/Services etc.
Our primary services are dedicated to Students and Teachers; like customised educational & training camps, travel solution, career advisory, etc.
We also help institutions (like Schools, Coaching’s Institutes, Colleges and Universities), Companies, Govt. & Non-Govt. Organization in all educational endeavours.
Our unique products, services and activities are envisioned to teach, inspire & motivate all sort of learner, expand their knowledge and develop new skills.
We are committed to boost the spirit of inquiry, innovation, creativity, entrepreneurship and leadership in the students and fulfil the unique needs of all the sorts of a learner.
We help students to find their right talent & abilities and encourage them to bring it out.
All of our services are specifically tailored to meet our client’s needs. For more information about our services, please get in touch with us.


To boost the spirit of inquiry, innovation, creativity, leadership, knowledge sharing and promote entrepreneurship among students & learners. Support teachers & educational institutions by providing turn-key educational solution. Also help Companies, Govt. & Non Govt. organization in all student and teachers related endeavours.


To reach, teach, inspire and help one million students & teachers by 2022.


We are always keen to meet talented visionary individuals with a passion to change the world. If you feel you have the drive determination and compassion to be part of our team contact us on : – [email protected]


    Custom-made educational, training and knowledge supplementation camps


    Assist to extend the reach of innovate goods & services with Channel Development


    Unique education & management consulting with in-depth insights and strong ethics


    Turn-key educational event management solution


    Extensive skill development programs and personalized training modules


    Access world’s best and most precise test preparation resources