We at Mentoro, offer a wide range of custom-made educational and training camps aimed at teaching and mentoring in any specific area. EduCamps are designed to suite educational needs and supplement knowledge.

Our camps are an educational experience for learners of all ages. These camps might be looked upon as alternative classrooms or learning settings sometimes without any walls.
Our various academic oriented camps focus on STEM (science, technology, engineering & math), design etc. Beginner to advanced level teaching helps learners expand their knowledge base.

In our Psychometric Testing camp learners can explore and develop their interests and abilities. Our specialty camp are gear to help struggling students improve their academic performance and plan for their career.

Children, teenagers and young adults gain valuable education and skills at camp that can help them succeed in school/college/university and later in the world of work.
Students in EduCamps benefit in a number of ways, including improved problem-solving skills, memory and creativity.

EduCamps comes in a wide variety including focuses on technology, entrepreneurship, business management, environment and almost any other pursuit you can think of.

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